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In 1999 I had surgery on my lower back, which relieved the pain I was experiencing until the beginning of 2008.  Bending, lifting, and standing for long periods of time became very difficult.  The pain that radiated down my right leg began to cause muscle spasms, making it hard to go on walks, I even had to give up golfing, something I enjoyed very much.  Taking various pain medications and doing spa therapy would give me temporary relief but I wanted something that would heal my back altogether.  Not wanting a second surgery I began to look for alternatives, which led me to Back In Action of Ontario.  I read their ad in the local newspaper on Spinal Decompression and decided to try the therapy.  Within the 1st week of starting the program I began to notice that my sciatic pain was subsiding.  At my half-way point, I went on a short trip and usually after a long car ride I would be stiff and in pain from the sitting, but this time I was more flexible and actually enjoyed the ride.  Upon completing an 8 week program, I can say that I am pain free.  I am able to golf again and I feel as though I have my life back.



I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 11.  I have always had some discomfort throughout my life however it wasn’t until about 6 years ago that I started having severe pain in my lower back.  The pain made it very hard to get around.  I wasn’t able to garden, do chores around the house, and I even had to cut out dancing.  Walking any amount of distance was impossible.   I tried physical therapy, cortisone shots and various pain medications.  I was even considering epidural shots.  It was at this time I came across a Back In Action ad in the local media.  The testimonial about Spinal Decompression made perfect sense to me, especially not wanting back surgery.  I was ready give the therapy a try.  Wow!  I am now “Back In Action”.  My back pain is so much better; I seldom take pain medication.  I am able to get around so much better and I even dance a little again.  It’s a miracle.  I feel so much better all over and I am very grateful to the Doctors and staff for the loving care I received.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.    



I’ve suffered for over 5 years with low back pain due to bulging discs in my spine and sciatica.  I tried chiropractic, physical therapy, icing, heat and analgesics to relieve my pain.  I got very little to no lasting relief.  The pain limited my activities because I couldn’t walk or stand for long periods of time. 

I heard about Spinal Decompression through my chiropractor and I began to notice testimonials about the program in the local media.  The success stories lead me to try the program for myself.

During the 1st two weeks of treatment, I felt like I received an 80% improvement in stiffness and my flexibility increased substantially.  Throughout the 8 week program I no longer got “zingers” down my leg and my sciatic pain was definitely subsiding.  The best thing about completing the program is that now I am able to walk for most of the day without pain which has enabled me to participate in more activities again.  Spinal decompression has worked for me and I don’t feel so old anymore.



On October 17, 2003, I incurred an industrial injury while assisting a 350lb psych patient.  This accident caused moderate to severe discogenic disease at L5-S1 and also injured my knee.  After physical therapy and other treatments it was very hard to get out of bed, walk for any distance, stand in lines, or bend down to pick things up.  Climbing stairs was the hardest.  I was in continuous pain and driving for long distances was horrible.  I would need an adjustment right away.  No prior treatments helped to the extent that the DRX9000 treatments helped.  Chiropractic care was the only thing that brought some relief to my back and knee pain, but not to the same extent that the DRX9000 treatments did. 

My experience with Inland Valley Spinal Decompression Centers has been phenomenal.  I am a miracle in progress.  I now walk up the stairs without continuous thought of pain, because it’s not painful.  It’s a continual healing process and with proper health maintenance,  I love the spinal decompression program.  I would recommend this program to anyone who has back and neck problems and are seeking alternative treatment rather than surgery, because it really works!  I was one of the first 12 to be blessed with the treatment. 


-John L. – Rancho Cucamonga

I have bulging discs in my cervical spine which caused my left arm and hand to experience pain and numbness.  I tried several different therapies such as chiropractic, traction and even physical therapy which resulted in only temporary relief.  Even epidurals and pain pills were of no help.  It began to be very uncomfortable to work with my hand becoming weaker.  I just couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life in the condition I was in.  I didn’t want fusion surgery and after doing some research I found that synthetic discs for the neck had not been perfected so I didn’t want to go that route.  I was about to give up when I saw the Back In Action ad in the paper about spinal decompression and decided to try the therapy for myself.  About half-way through the program, I noticed that the numbness along my left hand was very mild.  I was very encouraged by the results.  My pain is gone and I feel perfect now.  It is amazing that spinal problems can be fixed without surgery.  I have learned that it pays to explore other options.  The staff and doctors at Back In Action are the best!  I thank them all for making me well again.      


I have had lower back pain on and off for the last 10 years. I own a cleaning business and when my pain would get severe I was unable to do any of my daily activities. I went to the chiropractor and it helped for a while, but he was not able to remove my back pain. I heard about Inland Valley Spinal Decompression Centers on the radio and a friend also told me about it and I decided to see what it was all about. Chiropractic care was no longer helping me so I thought I would try spinal decompression.

After finishing my treatment program at Inland Valley Spinal Decompression Centers, I am able to do my normal activities pain free. I am able to workout again as well and feel good afterwards. Working out actually makes me feel good again instead of causing me more pain. I do recommend this treatment to those who are experiencing severe low back pain. It was worth it to me!


In 2001 I hurt my back at work while lifting. My injury caused me to miss time at work because I was unable to perform all my duties. I tried physical therapy and chiropractic and it seemed as though nothing would work for me. Stretching would help sometimes but I could not rely on that alone anymore. One day while I was on my break at work I saw the ad in the newspaper for spinal decompression. At this point I was willing to try anything to get better. I had a baby on the way and I wanted to be able to pick him up without pain.

I followed the treatment program outlined for me at Inland Valley Spinal Decompression Centers and my pain is finally completely gone. My low back feels so much stronger now. This treatment has changed my life for the better. I am now able to go to work and actually perform my normal duties. And now I am ready for my baby boy to come. I'll be able to fully enjoy being a parent. I would recommend this treatment to those who are ready to give something that truly works a try.


For 10 years I have had low back and leg pain. Within the last year and a half it became extreme and I could no longer handle it. After years of physical exercise I could no longer exercise without extreme pain. I was on heavy pain medication. The only thing that seemed to help my symptoms was ice, heat, and stretching. Although they provided some relief, my condition continued to worsen. I originally heard about spinal decompression from radio commercials, but it was when my chiropractor told me about decompression that I decided to consider the care. I trusted his knowledge of the treatment program more than anything else.

Since starting the program at Inland Valley Spinal Decompression Centers my pain has significantly reduced and I can now do moderate exercise which I am gradually increasing as I continue to strengthen and what little pain I experience is continuing to reduce in frequency through the days and during my work out sessions. I was even able to return to skateboarding which I enjoy doing with my son, but had given up due to my prior condition. I am now more careful about how I exercise and do my work in order to promote proper healing and strengthening and promote better health.


70 years ago when I was 16 I was working on a fire line and there was an emergency and we were all told to jump into the nearest hole. When I did I landed with my back twisted and I was injured ever since then. I tried Chiropractic and it helped only to maintain my pain. I also tried traction and it felt good while I was receiving the treatment but when it was over my back went right back to where it was before, in pain. The treatments just did not last. The only thing that would help would be wearing a magnetic belt until the DRX 9000.

My experience with Inland Valley Spinal Decompression Centers and the DRX 9000 has been pleasant and has done wonders for my pain. My back has never felt more relaxed before. I am able to bowl without feeling stiff during or after. I can play softball again without the after effects. My back is loose and supple. I would recommend this to anyone with low back pain!


I have degenerative disc disease at multiple levels, which has been unbearable for the last 5 months. It stopped all my activities. I got to the point where the only way I was able to get around my house was by sitting in a rolling chair. In order to get my mail, I would get myself into my car in the garage and reverse back down the driveway, reach out and grab the mail and drive back into the garage. No treatment prior to the DRX 9000 helped. I had gone to other doctors and they gave me epidural shots but that only stopped the pain temporarily.

I am very happy with the Inland Valley Spinal Decompression Centers and my overall experience has been excellent. I would recommend this treatment and facility to others. I feel mobile again. Just last week I was able to go on a hike in the mountains with my friends and I experienced no pain in my back. I've also been able to do various other activities for long periods of time, whereas before I couldn't even walk.



I had been going to my chiropractor for months because of my back pain. Nothing seemed to help. He suggested I get an MRI. The MRI showed I had three bulging discs in my lumbar area. While discussing my MRI results, my chiropractor suggested spinal decompression treatment. At that point I was in so much pain, and not willing to have surgery, that I decided to give it a try.

I can hardly believe the results. I am now pain free. Even my upper back is pain free. The DRX 9000 has changed my life for the better. I am finally able to have a normal life again. I can go for a drive with my husband without pain. I can also go on bike rides again without experiencing that horrible pain. I would recommend Inland Valley Spinal Decompression Centers and the DRX 9000 to those who are tired of not having a normal life anymore. This treatment truly works. I am so glad my chiropractor cared enough to suggest spinal decompression.

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